From a Mother:

This is a letter of recommendation on behalf of Maggie Messina to be a peer tutor in Needham. Our family has known Maggie for about 10 years. We have seen her become the most lovely, wonderful human being. In addition to her sheer kindness, Maggie is incredibly intelligent and patient. Maggie has tutored my son, who is only a year younger than her a few times this past year. We asked her to tutor him because he struggles with eight grade math (Algebra) and is very disorganized with his binder, study materials and homework. Maggie is wonderful with him. She helps him organize his work and binder and she sits with him calmly and helps him work through problems one step at a time. I believe that my son would be frustrated with any other tutor but Maggie has a very supportive approach which inspires him to pay attention to everything she suggests. He has improved his grades and participation since working with Maggie. I believe that Maggie could tutor anyone. She is knowledgeable in numerous subjects. Her overall presentation is calming and engaging.

From a 6th grade girl:

At High Rock this year, all the kids got iPads. I was confused on how to organize my work on that along with my other papers. Maggie helped me organize everything in my binder and on the iPad, as well as giving me lots of ways to write down my homework. I had so much fun picking out an agenda! I would recommend Maggie for anyone!

From my second Peer Tutor’s mom: 

My daughter and I have known Maggie for a year. She began tutoring my daughter at the beginning of the school year. I cannot say enough about how patient, enthusiastic and creative  she has been. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time with Maggie while making academic strides. I also want to note that Maggie has a strong work ethic and is  flexible, organized and handles her time effectively. She helped with homework, studying, reading and math. She seemed to be extremely knowledgeable in all subjects.  My daughter and I look forward to continuing this relationship.

From an 8th grade girl: 

I have had a lot of trouble in Algebra this year, but with Maggie’s help, I have improved tremendously. During our time spent together, she gave me strategies to help during tests and quizzes as well as hands on homework help. I was super nervous for my math final, yet I ended up receiving a B on the test! That was a huge deal for me and my family. Overall, Maggie was a great tutor and made my time with her worthwhile and engaging.

From a mom of twins:


From my Peer Tutor’s Mom: